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Joyce Van Horn

Evolutionary Astrologer & Life Coach

At a crossroads love-wise, career-wise, philosophically or otherwise?


Get your Groove back. Be inspired. Break the rules that don’t matter. Learn how to become fiercely,vividly alive. There’s nobody else like you-and you rock.


Evolutionary Astrology holds the keys to your greatest gifts


Whatever state you’re in-hopeful, tearful, longing, confused or looking for answers-you’re welcome here. This isn’t just astrology or coaching…it’s an experience. Doors are opening. Are you ready to walk through them?  Learn more about my services.

You’ve got good smarts. You’re questing and questioning. A true seeker. Looking for meaning. Wanting to dance with life rather than walk the line. Maybe what used to be comfortable has gotten boring or limited. You’re seeking informed choices. Finely tuned timelines. Worthy challenges. Perhaps you have a calling, not just a career. Maybe you’re ready to find the love of your life instead of those maybe babies. Let me guide you into magical realms where miracles abound.  Learn more about how I work

I’m Joyce Van Horn-an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach (with an eye-opening twist). I’ve been doing this since 1984 and take my work deeply to heart. Color me wise, human, deliciously irreverent and completely committed to my clients.  Learn more about me.

Joyce Van Horn is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach. She lives in San Francisco, loves to sing to her cats, smile at strangers, and live life with wonderful irreverence.

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