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Your job in life is to show up exactly who you are. To gain a foothold on happiness. To become more aware and more alive. My job is to guide, inform and inspire. I offer insight into how to become more fully and gloriously you, when to make decisions at the right time for a propitious outcome and to help you prepare for what lies ahead. This helps you make informed choices so that life flows rather than stutters and your potential for joy is tremendously enhanced.

I’ll guide you through the sticky spots: professionally, personally, romantically, philosophically.  I’ll give you practical tools to utilize after our session(s). I’ll cheerlead you even while I am completely honest about where you are and what your options are for the future. The readings I offer are always through the cutting-edge lens of Evolutionary Astrology (see my Services Page for more info). I’m gutsy, kind, cut-to-the-chase with a heart as big as Texas-and I speak English, not Astrology-ese.

Evolutionary Astrology isn’t the only thing in my bag of tricks. I’m a Life Coach/Guide/Mentor. I read tarot cards, interpret dreams, do ritual, prepare flower essences. And other eyebrow-raising, let-me-help-you-help-yourself tricks of the trade. I’m a feisty, heartful, by the seat-of-my-pants, wise Sagittarius local-girl-gone-pro with plenty of years and experience under my belt. I’ll share tools and tricks with you, acquired skills and practical magic (not the kind that requires a wand or a spell). You’ll learn things that you can actually use in your life.

I’ve come up laughing no matter how many times I’ve fallen flat on my face (I have total faith that you can, too, by the by). I’ve tossed all of this together like some wild salad and dressed it with humor and love. I offer this to you.

The sky’s the limit and miracles are in no short supply.

In fierce aliveness and joy,


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