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Winter Reflections: Beneath the Surface

In the midst of holiday celebrations also come endings-of yet another year. What is “outside of us” appears to be dead. Trees have gone barren and plants sleep, buried deeply beneath the surface of the earth.  We, too, need to go to sleep-to take the time to explore our inner realms. We round an astrological […]

Mercury Retrograde: What's to Love?

Here it is again…like taxes and death–Mercury goes retrograde. Everyone groans and shudders in horror, hoping that flights aren’t canceled or delayed, that their computer doesn’t have a breakdown or there won’t be a communication glitch with their sweetheart or co-worker. Mercury sure does get a bad rap when it takes a powder from business-as-usual. And when the cosmic traffic cop isn’t doing his normal job directing the flow of information, he’s chillin’. We should be, too.

Where is Home, Sweet Home? Relocational Astrology

I had such an amazing time in Zihuatanejo, Mexico  (sister to Ixtapa, a tourist city built by the Mexican government)–and got so charged up by its simple values, love of  the land, sense of abundance–that I decided to pretend that I’d been born there and see how that changed my natal birthchart. This is done […]

Signs, Omens & Synchroniticites: The Breadcrumbs on the Path

If you’re wondering what to do, what step to take next, look for clues. They’re swarming about you, teasing, and not only during a strong Mercury time, but in each and every moment. It doesn’t take detective work. Just be curious and alert. Have an open mind. As you surf the seas of information, pay attention. Then you won’t get swept away.

The Rising Sign: Your Social Persona

If you’re doing your astrological rising sign consciously, you have poise, confidence and savoir faire.

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