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The Mercury Retrograde Train: Welcome Aboard!

The Mercury retrograde train has just pulled into the station, and like it or not, you’re gettin’ on for a 3-week stint, 12/9-12/29 PST. Once aboard, you settle on in with your iPod, but it’s lost its charge. You decide to check your calendar, but your week’s gone blank. Someone starts a conversation, but all […]

The Warrior's Quest: Mars, Sagittarius & The Open Road

Your blood is coursing now. You smell both danger and opportunity in the air. Whuffle it up and get a move on. There are adventures to be had. Get started now!

Hard Heart Work: Saturn in Libra

Saturn is the planetary CEO and has assigned you the job of honoring others as you would like to be honored, capiche? Libra gently reminds you that you have to bend to give, but not break your back. So take some time to really see and hear your amour/partner/spouse/child/parent. Look deep into their eyes and ask them not only how they are but who they are. Through October 6, 2012, Saturn in Libra is the testing ground for love . And hey! If the world is really gonna end like some prophets claim, make the most out of it. After all, love is what makes the world go ’round.

It's Cool to Go Retro: 4 Planets Say So!

Expect delays. Four planets out of ten are retrograding. When a planet goes retrograde, you’ve gotta look backwards. Reflect. Reorient. Reassess. Re-energize.

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