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Astrology & your birthtime: Why is it so Important?

I wasn’t sure of my correct birth time until a couple of years ago. My mother, who has been gone ten years, claimed that it was 12:30 PM but it wasn’t on my birth certificate. My dad thought that it was around 8-9 am because, as he recalled, my birth had interrupted church services. Steven Forrest, my mentor and friend http://www.stevenforrest.com/stevens-bio rectified my chart according to my dad’s recollection. He did a terrific job, but it felt all wrong. It didn’t feel like me.

Love, Listen, Connect: Practical Tips

We all want to connect. That’s a Venus need. We all want to be understood. That’s a Mercury need. Try out these time-tested tips on how to stay connected and clear. Use ’em–they work!

Jupiter in Pisces: Telling Your Truth, Dreaming Your Dreams

On January 17, 2010 Jupiter, the planet of possibilities and expansion, moved into Pisces. Jupiter is generous. Whatever sign it’s in, wherever it is in your chart, is where you can expand your horizons. If it’s moving through your career sector, you have a better chance to get that dream job. If you’re looking for love, Jupiter opens the hallowed doorway and says, “Look for the best of the best. You don’t have to settle.” In Pisces, Jupiter heralds a time of seeking truth through connection with the divine.

Joyce Van Horn is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach. She lives in San Francisco, loves to sing to her cats, smile at strangers, and live life with wonderful irreverence.

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