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Evolutionary Astrology: What Makes It So Different?

I recently had an Evolutionary Astrology reading with Steven Forrest, one of the creators of the system, which I practice with my own clients and teach to my students. While I’d had readings with Steven before, I’d always chosen to have him look at what was coming up on the horizon–much more exciting, it seemed. But now it came down to looking at the “story behind the story–” what occurred in a past lifetime that left its dark impression on this lifetime.

Stepping up to the Plate: Being in Leadership

I was returning to my cabin at Mountain Home Ranch http://mountainhomeranch.com in the wee hours, breathing in sharp winter, I was startled to a stop by the night sky. Hail and rain had polished each facet of it to a crystal brilliantine.  As my breath made an awestruck comment, I thanked the cosmos for its […]

Joyce Van Horn is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach. She lives in San Francisco, loves to sing to her cats, smile at strangers, and live life with wonderful irreverence.

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