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April/May 2010 Astrological News

“For everything, there is a season…” I sit here gazing out at my garden, ocean winds untangling poplar tree leaves. The poplar itself, which itself stands a story above my 2-story Victorian, doesn’t mind: the winds shake debris from the branches and lightens its leaves, which chatter like castanets.
The winds of change persist in our lives, sometimes in gusts of fear, at other times in whispers of faith.

Good times to file your taxes: Moon-void-of-course

Even if you’re scrupulously honest, audits do happen. Here is a very practical astrological suggestion that can help you stay under the radar when you pay your taxes this April. It’s the Moon void-of-course. When the Moon is not making any energetic connections to any other heavenly body, there is no specific “mood.” If you use a CPA who files your taxes, let him or her do so whenever they please. What’s critical is when you pay taxes. During a Moon Void-of-Course, there is no particular “vibe” to it that action which could potentially attract the attention of a tax auditor. While this isn’t a 100% guarantee, consider it an additional safety measure.

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