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The Venus and Mercury Retrograde Rag-Dancing in Sync

Venus Retrograde: How to Love and Let Live Venus is the goddess of love-rosy, soft, beckoning-right? Relationships: They’re all about the birds, bees and perfumed flowers-in Disney flicks. When Venus is direct, she’s the Cosmic Prom Queen at her best. However, she’s been retracing hasty steps back through impulsive Aries since 3/4. People (yes, you […]

The Language of Love: Saturn in Sagittarius

I visited Paris fresh out of high school, smitten by her unapologetic passion and confidence. All I could offer her was my clumsily accented French and youthful naivete. Her perfume lingers still, a faintly remembered pleasure. How about if we just focus on the best outcome possible concerning what has recently gone down in Paris? […]

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Astrological Food for Thought: A Recipe for the New Year

Often we end up partying during the holidays, staying up late, drinking and eating foods that don’t have an ounce of real nutrition. So when we wake up to a new year, it’s good to give our bodies something to shore us up. Here’s an”astrological” recipe which will fed you in the following ways

The Rising Sign: Your Social Persona

If you’re doing your astrological rising sign consciously, you have poise, confidence and savoir faire.

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