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Reflections & Directions: Planetary Redirections

One of my rescue cats, Buddy, needs to retreat to his Man Cat Cave (often under the bed) on a regular basis. If his humans pester him, he scowls and withdraws. An animal psychic told us not to bother him; he’s reflecting. She was right. Given time, he gets his mojo back and is out […]

Jupiter: The Lord of Faith & Folly

Jupiter, the Lord of Faith and Folly, looks at the glass as half full and is considered the planet of good luck. The symbol for the sign it rules, Sagittarius, is the centaur, half-man, half-horse, holding a bow and arrow. Its message? You must be grounded in order to shoot the arrow from the quiver; […]

The Warrior's Quest: Mars, Sagittarius & The Open Road

Your blood is coursing now. You smell both danger and opportunity in the air. Whuffle it up and get a move on. There are adventures to be had. Get started now!

Winter Reflections: Beneath the Surface

In the midst of holiday celebrations also come endings-of yet another year. What is “outside of us” appears to be dead. Trees have gone barren and plants sleep, buried deeply beneath the surface of the earth.  We, too, need to go to sleep-to take the time to explore our inner realms. We round an astrological […]

The Rising Sign: Your Social Persona

If you’re doing your astrological rising sign consciously, you have poise, confidence and savoir faire.

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