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Joyce Van Horn

Evolutionary Astrologer & Life Coach


Joyce Van Horn is consistently one of the top-ranked astrology practitioners on Yelp in San Francisco. For more reviews, please visit her Yelp page.

Media Features:

SF Refinery 29 – Best Astrology Reading: Joyce Van Horn (October 11, 2012) – “If you need some spiritual guidance, you can never go wrong with looking toward the stars — especially when astrologer Joyce Van Horn is involved. Her fairly new brand of the zodiac “evolutionary astrology” focuses on your chart’s south and north nodes that normally go overlooked from other readers. And when it comes to your chart’s holy trinity — the sun, moon, and rising signs — Van Horn explains in great detail what each has to do with shaping your planetary personality. We sat down for a Natal Birth Chart reading with the 28-year practicing stargazer, and her spot-on analysis gave us major goosebumps. We especially love that Van Horn creates the chart before you walk into the session and gives a total rundown of your individual cosmic character. And if you’re especially spiritually inclined, this Evolutionary Astrologer can provide a detailed account of a former past life and how it relates to the present day. Book your sit-down with Van Horn, and get a reading that is truly celestial.”

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What Her Clients Have to Say:

“I have been visiting Joyce for more than 20 years and have always found my astrology sessions with her to be helpful, enlightening, and fun. Joyce is a warm, lively, intuitive person who has helped guide me on my life’s journey over the years. Her readings always turn out to be right on, including the year she let me know I would meet my husband, which indeed happened just as she said. Joyce offers much more than just an astrology reading, she gives wonderful advice, answers questions with encouraging and thoughtful responses, and I always leave my sessions feeling like I have grown in some way. I definitely feel Joyce is one of the best astrologers around, as well as a fantastic life coach.”

– Liz Silva-Pepin

“Joyce has a gift for understanding people’s vulnerabilities and gifts, for honoring sensitive material and for delivering guidance in a gentle, poetic, and heartfelt way. I gleaned a lot from the session. I’m paying more attention to some traits that no longer serve me. Thank you, Joyce, for the gentle nudge to continue to find my voice and to speak my truth without apology. She shone a light in a way that I never before experienced.”

– Toni Franciosi

“I have gone to Joyce multiple times over the years. She always helps me see the bigger picture, beyond just whatever challenge I am currently fixated on. She combines her deep knowledge of astrology with her knowledge of human psychology (and her wicked sense of humor) to help me see the path through the challenge to a better place. She is kind, compassionate and practical and I always leave her office feeling excited about what comes next.”

– Nancy Raulston

“Joyce Van Horn is a truly gifted astrologer. I am discerning about who I trust my chart to and I can very easily tell when/if someone is just telling me what I want to hear or if they are the real deal. Joyce is A+! She’s got a presence that is both electric and calming. She is thoughtful and artful in her presentation of what she sees in a natal chart, offering up information with the vocabulary of a writer/philosopher. Joyce’s natural positivity is contagious and she wraps you in it during a session, even when you are discussing major life transitions and/or hardships. I walked back out into the city feeling vibrant, surefooted, and armed with tangible actions to guide myself further down my ideal path. I cannot recommend Joyce highly enough!”

– Heather Prime

“Thank you thank you! You are wonderful. Your talents and skills and intuition and the love you put into everything you do really shines through. I am grateful to know you, Joyce. Thank you.”

– Justin Emerson

“Wow – I just had an Evolutionary Astrology Reading with Joyce and it was amazing… she was validating and told me lots of new things, just beginning to unfold now – none of which did she know about … It was really exciting to work with her! Will definitely go back again to hear more and get updated as she told me what to look for and also what to watch out for (needed that romance advice, big time!) – It was SO well worth the money! (and I’m really picky about this kind of thing.)”

– Jennifer Chau

“I have been working with Joyce for about six months now, and I can truly say that she not only knows her astrology enough to make a believer out of you, she is also an incredibly kind-hearted, generous, wise, spunky, and beautiful human being. She has helped me believe that happiness is not only possible, but that it is truly the path that we are supposed to be on. She is a true miracle worker and has helped me see potential in myself that I never realized was there until very recently. Joyce has been a great, great blessing in my life.”

– Claudia Wheeler Rappe

Joyce Van Horn is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach. She lives in San Francisco, loves to sing to her cats, smile at strangers, and live life with wonderful irreverence.

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