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Joyce Van Horn

Evolutionary Astrologer & Life Coach

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology offers you choices, not predictions. It gives you the information you’ll need to make key decisions. This means that you have the power to make the best choices for yourself that lead to optimum outcomes.

Evolutionary Astrology is unique in that it helps you move beyond a limiting behavior that keeps you stuck (like dating the wrong type over and over, or finding yourself in a professional rut). You’ll learn new behaviors that are initially unfamiliar to you, but that help you evolve into the most authentic, empowered, aware “you” that you can be.

The South and North Nodes are the foundation of Evolutionary Astrology. See the following for more info:

THE SOUTH NODE: This contains the energy of a past lifetime and who you were. This repetitive cycle is like an emotional riptide, pulling you backwards into old behaviors that ultimately become limiting. Because it comes so naturally, you can start feeling stuck or bored. New growth isn’t possible here.

THE NORTH NODE: This contains the fertile seed of what is possible for you in this lifetime. You can sense what it is, but because you’ve never done it before, it’s a foreign concept-and you long for it. It is the opposite of the South Node. Once this is identified, vigorous growth is possible.

Joyce Van Horn is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach. She lives in San Francisco, loves to sing to her cats, smile at strangers, and live life with wonderful irreverence.

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