The Mercury Retrograde Train: Welcome Aboard!

The Mercury retrograde train has just pulled into the station, and like it or not, you’re gettin’ on for a 3-week stint, 12/9-12/29 PST. Once aboard, you settle on in with your iPod, but it’s lost its charge. You decide to check your calendar, but...

The Warrior’s Quest: Mars, Sagittarius & The Open Road

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine whose husband has cancer. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and is now in pain much of the time. Last year he entered his second Saturn return

Hard Heart Work: Saturn in Libra

Marriage. Kids. Commitment. Break-ups. Divorce. Family growing pains. Notice how there’s lots of this goin’ around ’bout now? Why? Labor-intensive Saturn in balanced Libra is demanding maturation and responsibility within relationships. This is a...

It’s Cool to Go Retro: 4 Planets Say So!

Expect delays. Four planets out of ten are retrograding. When a planet goes retrograde, you’ve gotta look backwards. Reflect. Reorient. Reassess. Re-energize. Y’see, we’re all flaming balls of energy. So are the planets. Human beings need a break. So...
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