The Bright Side of Mercury Retrograde

Cosmic ClockVirtually everyone I know starts talking about Mercury retrograde weeks before it begins. People sigh, roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders helplessly. Inevitably, someone moans,  Another Mercury retrograde-didn’t we just have one?  It’s like expecting to get the Mercury retrograde flu. The general consensus is that it’ll be one big traffic jam: appointments will be missed, you’ll say “po-tay-to” while someone else says “po-ta-to,” technological snags and misunderstandings will be par for the course.

There is some wisdom about not signing a contract or buying a new piece of equipment during Mercury retrograde. Why? Because it’s time to reflect, review and research. To slow everything down and think things through. This requires patience and curiosity.

Mercury’s most recent retrograde began 2/6/14, floating  through intuitive, dreamy Pisces until 2/13. Chillax. Don’t push.  Cry (or laugh until you cry). Listen to/play music. Nap. Turn your brain off. Be inspired (not motivated; that’s when you’ll get tripped up).  The world of imagination, the fantastical, is calling. Tumble down the rabbit hole again. You might land softly on a new vision.

On 2/13, Mercury double back-flips into avant-garde Aquarius. Quietly wield the baton of originality. Trek through old concepts and ideas and reconsider them-what brilliance shines through? Are any worth reinventing? Release what’s obsolete and dull-edged. Trust your genius.

Mercury goes direct on 2/28/14 at 6:00 AM PST. If you’ve done your Mercury retrograde homework, you’ve don’t have to sigh in relief that it’s finally over, dreading the next retrograde like a root canal.

Instead, you soar. You dance. Your precious time of review has born fruit. And, best of all, you have yet another Mercury retrograde time to look forward to.