Following Your Heart

qtq80 xIyVzP 150x150 - Following Your HeartAs a kid, I believed that I could find my way to Peter Pan’s Neverland.

Every summer’s day, I leapt off of my bed in a fervent attempt to fly. Even when puberty hit and dashed that dream, I still longed for the exotic, the unexplored and the unknown.

I have found, at last, my Neverland. While I have yet to encounter pirates or the Lost Boys, new adventures call, a wild, untamed siren song that I cannot resist. My Neverland is a small town in the lush mountains of Central America-Boquete, Panama. Mars has inflamed my heart (the Moon), insisting that I trek into the unknown.

In astrology, the Moon represents your emotional needs and behaviors.

It also embodies the nesting instinct and the longing for home. If your home-the physical space you live in, your friends, your community, your location-wraps its arms around you in welcome, then you’re happy.

I’m fortunate enough to have lived in San Francisco for the majority of my life. It has been a torrid, passionate love affair, she and I. But we have decided to part ways. With renewed vigor, my beloved City is experiencing yet another gold rush: people are relocating here from all over the world. This gives San Francisco a new kick in her flirty step, and more sass in her attitude. But I’ve mellowed, longing for more tranquility. Less traffic. More smiles. A slower pace of life. I need room to fly.

On November 15, 2018, my fellow Sagittarius and beloved partner, Kathy Jacobson, leave for our Neverland.

Capricious Mercury has drawn into our lives synchronicities that have mapped our way there. We just signed a lease for a house. From our deck, we can gaze out at double rainbows, wildlife (armadillos, possums and chameleons, oh my!) and be serenaded by birdsong at all hours. I will also be gazing up at the night sky, unobscured by city lights.

I will still be doing readings and coaching via Skype and phone. I will also be coming back to San Francisco twice a year for one month each visit (late February and mid-September). But do set yourself up for a reading before then. We’ll look at your Moon and what pathways she is lighting up for you.

And wait! What’s that sound? The laughter of Peter Pan, a young boy who beckons you to follow him to parts unknown? Feel the magic. It’s real.