This I Know to be True

qtq80 rr0VfC 150x150 - This I Know to be True

Sometimes, even when the Sun is shining, it is dark inside. When you meet the darkness, take its hands. It is not there to harm you. It is one of the greatest teachers that you will ever know. It will not lie, it will not cheat.

But as it looks you in the eye, holding your gaze for 2, 3, 4, 5 beats too long, you’ll squirm. You’ll find any excuse to look away. But stay with that gaze and you will learn. You will learn, through tears, maybe loss, perhaps what feels like the shredding of your soul…and you will come out whole. This I know to be true.

And Doc Cosmos, with a wink of his eye, nods wisely in agreement.