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The 1st Saturn Return: Breaking a Sweat, Realizing Your Dreams

qtq80 kDTI5V 150x150 - The 1st Saturn Return: Breaking a Sweat, Realizing Your DreamsSaturn works within definitive timelines.

When I was 27-1/2, I became a radio announcer.
A year later, I married the wrong man.
I left my beloved job and moved 5 times in 3 years.
I lost weight, gained weight, lost myself, lost the husband, found myself.
I started my astrology and counseling practice. It was a series of shocks.

During these 3 years I was experiencing my first Saturn return.

Saturn is the Keeper of Time.

With his eagle eye, he misses nothing and expects everything.
Saturn knows that you can make your dreams reality if you maintain focus and faith.

He sits at the peak of a tall, rugged mountain, patiently waiting for you to show up, sweaty, exhausted and triumphant.
This requires, on your part, focus, determination and faith.

David, a client of mine, is going through his first Saturn return.

Friends are pairing off, and it’s uncomrfortable-shoulddn’t he, too?
But he’s not really there yet. Instead, he’s lifting weights, running and staying in shape-and keeping his eye on the prize-to be chosen as a contender on “Survivor.”

And that’s the right attitude.

Everyone at this age and stage starts to become aware that life is finite.
The first Saturn return is the real end to childhood.
Your 25 year old friend doesn’t understand why you’ve gotten so serious.
Why you don’t want to party so much anymore.
Some people find this depressing.
But it’s a great and grand wake-up call.
Would you really want to stay a kid all of your life?

The first Saturn return is a cycle of maturity.

Carefully choose a handful of dreams you want realized.
Adopt an attitude of hardscrabble faith and unwavering focus.
Break a sweat by building up the muscle of determination.

Events conspire to support you in this process: you might change your career.
Go back to school. Marry. Divorce. Have kids.
Leave a 6 figure job to travel the world.

You’re laying the foundation for the next 28 years of your life-will it be sturdy and stable or a time of upheaval?
It’s entirely up to you.

To honor this sacred passage, schedule a personalized reading for yourself or someone you love.

Tools and timing that are supportive will be explored.
Be sure to tuck curiosity and an open mind into your backpack.
You’ll be rewarded with practical info and greater awareness.

Hope to see you soon, fellow adventurer.
The Saturn Return Mountain is high and some of the terrain is tough-but you can reach the peak.

Text, call or email and we’ll get you on my schedule.
Meanwhile, keep your eye on the prize.

Making Jupiter Work for You

If I’m doing a reading for a client who knows even a little bit about astrology, they always perk up and grin when I talk about Jupiter. Jupiter is rather showy, and has gotten a reputation of being the “good luck” planet. “Oh, now I’ll finally get the job I want!” or “Guess I’ll just relax and let the good times flow,” are a couple of over-the-top Jupiterian comments I’ve heard.

It’s true-Jupiter brings the potential for the expansion of your horizons. Whatever area of life it is affecting can get better. Practically speaking, however, Jupiter first brings an awareness of what could be in contrast to what is. The gap between the two inspires a yearning to make things better. This is usually uncomfortable.

What to do? Jupiter never presents the impossible. It is the gateway to what is possible-it raises the bar. For example, if Jupiter is moving through the career sector of your life, if you don’t take action, you might get a compliment from your boss or more of a raise than you expected–but nothing earthshaking. Jupiter is standing by to deliver the goods, but you have to answer its ring. Laziness is the best way to sleep through a Jupiter time.

Here’s an example of how you can make Jupiter work for you: When I was 29 (during my first Saturn return), I walked into a radio station in Santa Barbara and applied for a job as a radio announcer. I had no real experience-I’d worked as a secretary at KSFX Radio in San Francisco and had been a volunteer announcer (reading magazine articles) at a closed circuit station for the blind. When I applied for the real announcing position, however, it was during a major Jupiter/career time. Jupiter was generously left the door to this particular opportunity unlocked. All I had to do was open it. I got the job on the spot because I’d had faith and taken action (even though it seemed impossible)–and was rewarded by Jupiter.

An astrology reading will pinpoint when, where and how Jupiter wants to help you get what you want. Expand your horizons with one soon and get lucky.