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We’re All Patchwork Quilts

qtq80 RQ7HMI 150x150 - We're All Patchwork Quilts

I used to be able to play make believe. I put on little shows in my parents’ backyard. I pretended to be a princess (however, she always ended up dying, which may or may not have been a happy ending). I discovered makeup and developed my own style. I got cool and sexy.

I was still playing make believe. Chameleon-like, I was able to pretend to be what I thought others wanted me to be. It went along with layering my eyes with six pair of false eyelashes and wearing 6 inch platforms and earrings so heavy that they tore my earlobes.

I did this to impress others and to be valued for my looks, smarmy, sexy attitude and all over style. Often I slept in my makeup so that I wouldn’t have to put it on all over again the next day. Once I left it on too long and developed a sty that closed my left eye and had to be lanced.

I’ve been hiding behind what I think I should be and how I think I should look for most of my life. We didn’t have the kind of money available to dress me the way I wanted or give me a decent haircut, so I was always the toothy kid with curls cut wrong. I ate my one container of yogurt at lunch sitting in the high school hallway in an effort to lose weight, but then my mother would prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips as a pre-dinner snack.

Now I’m too thin. I can see my ribs, front and back, and my hip bones jut out, leering. If I were a model, this would be good news. But I no longer believe that old adage that a woman can never be too thin or too rich. Part of me wants to believe that I could never be too rich, but even when I’ve had more discretionary income, I’ve never felt like it was enough.

Which comes down, folks, basically to feeling as if I haven’t been good enough. Period, end of sentence. And I ain’t getting any younger, either, which seems unfair: finally I no longer have to fight fat, but age isn’t going away. I won’t be like the client who came to me years ago and confessed that her real birth year was ten years older than she’d claimed.

I can’t cobble all of the pieces of myself together any longer and call them perfect-especially if I measure the whole against an impossible ideal (thank you Hollywood and botox). So I’ll wait, ponder, sip at each moment like fine wine.

We’re all patchwork quilts, pieces of art, and not all of the pieces initially seem to have flow or symmetry. But each piece, each hurt, each delight, each tear shed, angry word spoken, is part of the whole pattern. If we wrap this living quilt around ourselves, then we are who we are. A true original.

And maybe that’s just the way it’s meant to be.

The Wisdom of Shadows

qtq80 TwiwsZ 150x150 - The Wisdom of Shadows

My mind is like a river giving birth to itself at final thaw. It’s as if I can hang my curiosity up on an invisible hook and simply observe: the mysterious, the mundane, a silent conversation with the night. Admittedly, I have been both too careful and careless with life. Conversely, I’ve found myself chained by shame, guilt, regrets. I have fruitlessly measured myself against others and measured them against myself.

Each of us, if we’re truly honest, if we peer into the reflecting glass of our souls, might have the good fortune to see who we are and who we might be. It is a brew of madness and light. An antique piece of crystal or glass is only valued at its worth with an obvious chip or crack in it.

What we choose not to hide from ourselves is the angelic force that we sometimes see as demonic. What good does it do to deny or condemn that which pulses through our emotional veins? It makes you, you. It makes me, me. And we are all perfect in the eyes of the Divine, God, Goddess, All-That-Is.

Something has seeded from birth within each of us, small, vulnerable, beyond powerful. Its beauty is cracked and crystallized by time, experience, and hopefully, wisdom. It allows us to quietly sit with the loamiest, deepest parts of ourselves. Cradle these parts, sing sweet lullabies to them. These are parts which may have been denied or made wrong by upbringing, culture, peer influence. They linger outside the door of acceptance, timidly tapping for admittance. Open that door and it offers healing. It may arrive as sweet, silent, squawking, terrified, courageous, uncertain, questing and questioning. But open that door, welcome it, and it returns to you, you return to it.

Say, ‘Welcome, self.’ Those shadows crookedly hung in the dark corners of have great wisdom to share. And always, always with love.

Reaching Your Peak in 2018: Saturn in Capricorn

qtq80 Lcw48M 150x150 - Reaching Your Peak in 2018: Saturn in CapricornYou’re sitting at the foot of a mountain. At your side, wiry and steady, Saturn the Timekeeper is neatly folding up the multi-hued garb of Sagittarius the Philosopher that he’s worn for 3 years. On 12/19/2017, he will be donning the commanding robes of Capricorn until 12/17/2020.

“I have 3 questions for you,” he says, in a voice like quiet thunder. “One: How have you proved yourself to yourself this year?” Two: What new beliefs can you can commit to and live by as a result?” Three: “Are you ready to climb this mountain?”

You look up, straining your vision. The mountain, defined by stark shadows and hungry light, is tattooed by the fall and rise of twisting paths. Dense clouds bodyguard its peak. Simultaneously, you’re struck by twin jolts of emotional lightning-excitement and fear.

Say “yes,” to the challenge of Saturn in Capricorn, and you earn self-respect, dignity and wisdom. Remain at the base of the mountain and emotional arthritis may well set in. You know which choice is right for you.

Standing, you strap on your backpack. It is sturdy and well equipped with determination, focus and faith. In parting, Saturn presses a small bottle into your hand. It is unbreakable and will never run dry. It is filled with the elixir of courage.

Now, your first step. Beneath your feet, the mountain trembles, a growl of welcome. There is no turning back. Nor would you want to.

Eagle-eyed Saturn squints into hazy sun as you ascend. He knows that you will succeed.

So do I.

In fierce joy and celebration,


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