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The 1st Saturn Return: Breaking a Sweat, Realizing Your Dreams

qtq80 kDTI5V 150x150 - The 1st Saturn Return: Breaking a Sweat, Realizing Your DreamsSaturn works within definitive timelines.

When I was 27-1/2, I became a radio announcer.
A year later, I married the wrong man.
I left my beloved job and moved 5 times in 3 years.
I lost weight, gained weight, lost myself, lost the husband, found myself.
I started my astrology and counseling practice. It was a series of shocks.

During these 3 years I was experiencing my first Saturn return.

Saturn is the Keeper of Time.

With his eagle eye, he misses nothing and expects everything.
Saturn knows that you can make your dreams reality if you maintain focus and faith.

He sits at the peak of a tall, rugged mountain, patiently waiting for you to show up, sweaty, exhausted and triumphant.
This requires, on your part, focus, determination and faith.

David, a client of mine, is going through his first Saturn return.

Friends are pairing off, and it’s uncomrfortable-shoulddn’t he, too?
But he’s not really there yet. Instead, he’s lifting weights, running and staying in shape-and keeping his eye on the prize-to be chosen as a contender on “Survivor.”

And that’s the right attitude.

Everyone at this age and stage starts to become aware that life is finite.
The first Saturn return is the real end to childhood.
Your 25 year old friend doesn’t understand why you’ve gotten so serious.
Why you don’t want to party so much anymore.
Some people find this depressing.
But it’s a great and grand wake-up call.
Would you really want to stay a kid all of your life?

The first Saturn return is a cycle of maturity.

Carefully choose a handful of dreams you want realized.
Adopt an attitude of hardscrabble faith and unwavering focus.
Break a sweat by building up the muscle of determination.

Events conspire to support you in this process: you might change your career.
Go back to school. Marry. Divorce. Have kids.
Leave a 6 figure job to travel the world.

You’re laying the foundation for the next 28 years of your life-will it be sturdy and stable or a time of upheaval?
It’s entirely up to you.

To honor this sacred passage, schedule a personalized reading for yourself or someone you love.

Tools and timing that are supportive will be explored.
Be sure to tuck curiosity and an open mind into your backpack.
You’ll be rewarded with practical info and greater awareness.

Hope to see you soon, fellow adventurer.
The Saturn Return Mountain is high and some of the terrain is tough-but you can reach the peak.

Text, call or email and we’ll get you on my schedule.
Meanwhile, keep your eye on the prize.

The Second Saturn Return: Passage to Wisdom

Everyone who lives to be 57 or thereabouts goes through their second Saturn return. This means that they have reached a point in their life journey where they are entering the earliest stages of “old age” or elderhood. Like the first Saturn return, it is once again a cycle of maturation involving significant life passages. People retire, they become grandparents, their own, aging parents may die, they may move, values changes, bodies change. This is hardly the end of the road, however. It’s actually just another beginning.

Saturn wants these folk to climb their own mountain, too–only it’s a far different one than the one of the first Saturn return. There is a gravity to their efforts, and a sense of less time ahead than before them. Therefore, an urgency often arises to pass on what they know. Many people who volunteer, for example, are older. It may, in part, be as a result of extra time due to retirement, but that’s only part of it. They want to give back.

Older doesn’t mean wiser, of course, but it does mean that someone of 60 has had more life experience than someone of 30. All of us have had the misfortune to have to sit and endure an older person pontificating about “the good old days.” How boring is that? We don’t learn, or want to learn, from such lecturing. Those are the individuals who fail the second Saturn return, to be left alone in Saturnian loneliness and solitude, cut off from the kind of meaningful connection that can occur between youth and elders.

The Cool Old Man or Woman, who traverses this critical life cycle elegantly and consciously, shares examples of his or her life. In that way, younger people want to hear what they have to say, because they’re not being judged and the stories close the gap between the generations. Think of Dustin Hoffman–he’s funny, wise, enjoying the hell out of life and is eminently human.  He still acts, but his main focus is on his family and truly taking time to do what he enjoys. He doesn’t care what other people think. He’s one cool dude.

The second Saturn return, done correctly, allows the person to chill and mellow. To notice what’s important now, not in the doing, but in the giving. In the sharing. In the reflecting. Life tends to become less serious and sweeter. If someone tries to ignore this passage, they may face end-of-life fears which could manifest concretely as lack, restriction and  loss of faith.

I approach my second Saturn return this year. I look to it with curiosity, openness and respect. I have a sense of what it will bring, but I choose to make the most of it. Meanwhile, I surround myself with people younger than I am, who remind me not to get rigid, to go with the flow, to be curious, open and celebratory.

The First Saturn Return: More News

Here’s the skinny: There will be certain times within the 3 years of your Saturn return where it’s more intense. Since Saturn is the Realist, concrete events will occur during these times. Then the demand of Saturn will weaken and, hopefully, you will review what you’ve achieved. The specific dates of the most potent hits are determined by either a visit to your astrologer or a look at the astrologer’s bible, which is called an emphemeris.

When I was a novice astrologer, I made the mistake of telling a woman that she was in the “shortest Saturn return I’d ever seen in my life.” I had only taken into account those times when Saturn was  bearing down and insisting that she do what was necessary to cross into adulthood. Needless to say, she never returned–and I learned the true nature of the Saturn return.

I am on the brink of beginning my own Saturn return, but the second one this time. The second Saturn return will be the subject of the next blog entry.

If you’re currently in your Saturn return–and Saturn is in Virgo, by the way–what have you experienced? If it’s looming on the horizon on October 31, 2009, what are your questions?

Joyce Van Horn, Evolutionary Astrologer

Saturn Return: What Is It, Who Does It and When?

Born between November 17, 1977-September 20, 1980? You’re experiencing one of the most pivotal, life-changing astrological events of your life: the first Saturn return. When did it begin? September 3, 2007. It comes to a close on July 21, 2010.

Saturn is the planetary CEO. The Goal-Setter. The Timekeeper. At the time Saturn returns to the place and sign it was when you were born, it’s time to grow up–for real. The twenties are a vision quest, during which you make youthful mistakes and prepare to enter adulthood. In the later twenties, there is a sense of urgency. The need for direction. An awareness of responsibility, and the consequences of your actions.

The Saturn Return is a red-flag. It alerts you to the fact that you’ve matured beyond certain beliefs, attitudes and conditioning of family, culture and society . It’s a series of shocks: it heralds such life-altering events as marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, buying (or selling) a home, changing careers, leaving it all behind and traveling the world, developing a new philosophy.

How to optimize this experience? There is a certain ennui, or boredom, built in. A sense of stagnation. An urge to change things up in a way that reflects your entry into true adulthood. You must choose mountains to climb. Goals to reach. Worthy challenges to face. This requires faith and true grit. Meet these demands and Saturn helps you achieve them. What you achieve during this time lays the foundation of your life until the second Saturn return at approximately 57.

Fail the Saturn return and you fail yourself. I did this; I left my husband at 30 and began living the wild life I’d lived before in my 20’s. Before too long, it became obvious that my friends were settling down. Becoming adults. I was a big kid in a grownup’s body. It took a long time to get back on track–Saturn is the planet of karma. It will be patient for a long time, but then there is payback. On the heels of this realization, however, I began to devote myself to my astrology practice which, over 25 years, now thrives. If I had used my Saturn return time wisely, however, it would not have been such a long haul.

On October 31, 2009, those of you born from September 21, 1980-August 23, 1983 begin your Saturn return. It concludes on Oct 6, 2012. You’ll notice that yours overlaps with those a few years older than you. More about that later.