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The Nodal Reading: Feeling blocked or stuck? Maybe you keep picking the same wrong romantic partners. Or finding yourself stuck in a dead-end job? Or perhaps you think you can fix other people. I can help you stop doing this so that you can grow into the happiest and most dynamic you.

The Birthchart Reading: Not sure who you really are? Jonesin’ to find out?  This reading identifies your values, communication style, relationship style, what your meaningful, passionate “calling” might be-and so much more. Even if you’ve had a birthchart reading done before, this will rock your world in a wonderful way.

The Planning Wisely For Your Future Reading: Feeling overwhelmed? Need to make an important decision? You’ll be given precise timing of when to take the next steps in order to succeed. You’ll learn what planets are influencing you and how to interact with them optimally. Whether it’s relationships, career or personal growth, consider this your cosmic weather report.

The Relationship Reading: In a relationship? Having problems communicating? Things not going as well as you’d like? This reading gives you insight into how you relate, where you bump up against each other and how to get more in sync. It will give you communication tips, clarify relationship needs (yours and theirs), how to resolve conflict and more. Whether you’ve just hooked up, are engaged, in a committed relationship, are blood relatives or business colleagues, this reading is invaluable.

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