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After 34 years of immersing myself in Evolutionary Astrology, doing thousands of readings and coaching countless people through life transitions, I’ve come to know the best way to guide clients to the answers they’re searching for.

If you simply can’t wait …

If you have a pressing matter, which is probably why you’re reaching out for guidance, we can begin with a Year-at-a-Glance reading.

We look at your current situation, directly address what you urgently want information, clarity and direction on to turn things around for the better.

If it’s your first reading with me …

Consider a nodal reading. Why? Because this will show you exactly where you get stuck in life —over and over again— and how to move forward out of that stuckness.  It’s practical that way.

It also gives you a clear direction for your life purpose and, dare I say, permission to be fully who you are. Because there’s nobody else like you —and you rock.

Answers to the BIG Questions …

Maybe you’re feeling challenged in your relationship with your sweetheart — or you’re ready for a career change — or maybe your ready to live a more purposeful life. A Natal Birthchart Reading is exactly what you need. Even if you’ve had one before, my approach is some kind of special (and so are you).

We’ll focus on what’s up and what you want fixing so that I can get an idea of how you’re engaging with the planets. Then we dive into the reading. I might ask a few questions, you might, too. You’ll feel completely heard and seen. Time will seem to stop. There’s always lots of kleenex.

Going Deeper 

I’ve Got You, Babe. Life sure can throw us curveballs, and trying to navigate tough transitions by yourself doesn’t get you to where to want to be —on the other side of whatever is going on in your life— any time soon. You want someone to walk with you.

I’m unique in my approach because we sit as equals. Sure, you’ve come to get a monkey off your back, improve your self-esteem, find love — but there’s an innate wisdom in you that, together, we can access. We work as a team, spelunking to find your buried treasure.

I’ve lived a long time and there’s an advantage to that, because I’ve likely been there, done that (what you’re dealing with) and come out alive and kicking.

Wherever you are, whatever you come with, it’s all good. I practice kindness, compassion and honesty. When you need it, I’ll challenge you. I’ll help you learn what risks are worth taking and why. I’ll have your back and hold your heart. You’ll come out more whole, walking your talk and finding your way.

We’ll talk first so I know if I’m the right person to help you. To schedule a reading, click here.

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