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Conscious Listening is Active Loving

I admit it, I jump to conclusions. I overlook details. Sometimes I move too quickly. This is the shadow side of my Sagittarian nature, constantly restless, exploratory, on the road to the next adventure. Admittedly, this can have some gypsy magic to it…and it can also drive people nuts.

Listening is a skill associated with the planet Mercury. Paying attention to the details is yet another Mercury function. When we listen, we show that we care, that we have interest in and respect for what others are saying. This demonstrates that we’re truly paying attention.

Most of us have probably had an ultimately frustrating experience like this: You’re sharing a story with a friend that’s important to you. They appear to be paying attention and listening. But when you finish, they look at you blankly. It seems as if they’ve listened, but have actually spaced out instead. Their vacant gaze says it all, or their haste to change the subject. If you’re checking out someone as serious love material, would that response be a turn-on? Not!

Conscious listening requires concentration and discipline. There are a million distractions from sun-up to sun-down. At one point I realized that I couldn’t multi-task anymore. The phone conversations that I used to be able to have while checking email, paying bills or even watering the plants are no longer possible. I wasn’t being fully present. This wasn’t just Sagittarian scatteredness, but the old, bad belief that the person on the other end of the phone wouldn’t notice. When I’d hang up, I wouldn’t be satisfied. The connection hadn’t really been made.

Don’t forget, we’re part animal. Animals know instinctively how to be present. That instinctive part of us tells us if we’re being listened to or not. So even if you find yourself on the receiving end of a conversation with someone who is about as interesting as dirt to you, make their day–for a minute or two, genuinely listen. Ask questions. Take in their answers. There was probably a time in your life when someone felt exactly the same way about you…and perhaps their kindness, their ability to listen, made all of the difference.

The more that we’re heard, the more that we feel connected…to ourselves and others. I know a wonderful man who usually considers himself invisible and unimportant. A group of friends gathered together to celebrate his 60th birthday with a surprise party. He arrived at his apartment that night, arms full of groceries for one, when the lights went on and everyone yelled, “Surprise!”

Here’s the topper: for gifts, each friend had decided to share a memory of why this man was so special to them. Mercury is the storyteller and, as the birthday celebrant listened, he both wept and laughed. He felt seen and acknowledged. Since that birthday, he’s come out of his shell. A woman too shy to approach him before the party was one of the friends who shared. Now they’re together.

So make a difference. Listen. Listen with love. You just might learn something yourself.

Posted By Joyce Van Horn on Wed Oct 7 19:09:21

Freedom & Rules: Uranus vs. Saturn

Some rules still need to be observed as Saturn commands, “Toe the line!” Wild child Uranus deliberately smudges the line. Does this mean war? Not necessarily. Hate your boss but love your job? Breathe deep and stick your tongue out when they’re not looking. Need to get a move on but feeling sunk in obligatory quicksand? Step out of those old shoes. Saturn creates structure. Uranus is the wind of authenticity blowing up the outdated structure. Power struggles result because both energies boast their superiority.  Neither is; they need each other. What to do? Stand your ground but have soft knees so that you can bend. When you’re looking someone in the eye and know that you’re right, remember that they probably feel the same way.

Are you in your true authority or just rooted to the old way due to fear? Dare you make up new rules rather than throw dishes against the wall just to let it all out? How did you manage these same opposing energies in February of 2009? This is your chance to make a statement of authentic authority. Own it, live it, do it!

Wired for Weird: Uranus Retrograde in Pisces:

Wired for Weird: Uranus Retrograde in Pisces:

Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, rebellion and truth, is bolting backwards through the sign of Pisces the Mystic and Intuitive until December 1, 2009.

Just when you thought things were set in stone, the stone cracks. Sarah Palin resigns, stating that she’s done with politics–but is she really?

More threads of information unravel about Michael Jackson, but what is truth or fiction?

How does this affect you personally?

Chaos and abrupt change erupt as those dogs that you thought were sleeping awaken.
Unexpected events occur on all levels of life.
What’s taken for granted is vulnerable to internal and external shockwaves–everything from hidden relationship issues to finances (is your checkbook unwilling to balance?).

Truths that have been tucked away are outed and their energy unexpectedly released.

Pisces is the Illusionist.

What you believe to be gold turns out to be fool’s gold–and vice-versa.

Uranus retrograde in Pisces, is a flash of lightning, helping you see through the smoke and mirrors.

The magician is defrauded to reveal healthy truth.

Trust your intuition even when you have no concrete proof and you’ll land on your feet.

How to make the most of it:

Get real. Clean and clear things up before they blow up. deal with misunderstandings or confusion before they go out of control.

This isn’t to say that things will go as smoothly as silk, but they will have fewer wrinkles.

Honesty is an excellent policy in these months ahead. As Mark Twain said, “If you always tell the truth, then you have nothing to hide.”