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When Venus Changes SIgns, So Do Your Relationships & Values

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Kick ass Venus in Aries Docs

At heart, we’re tribal critters. Even if you live on the edge of nowhere, there’s likely to be someone else with whom you share space. At birth, the planet Venus and the sign it’s in signify what you need in relationships, as well as what you value and what you experience as beautiful. But it doesn’t remain in that sign-it progresses or evolves into the next sign at some point during your lifetime. A progression is generally experienced as a feeling. Certain relationships may no longer interest you. Or the clothes in your closet aren’t right for you anymore. You might grow bored with a musical artist or genre that you’ve listened to for years. This is all Venus territory.

I was born with Venus in conservative Capricorn, a devoted Baptist with traditional values; my playmates were of like social status. At the age of ten, Venus broke free, entering rebellious Aquarius. Sounds cool, huh? Not for a minute. I withdrew into awkward isolation, becoming a stuttering, too-shy-to-meet-your-eyes exile-the shadow of Aquarius. In August 1988, when Venus glided into psychedelic Pisces, I began exploring altered states of consciousness in order to review my relationships with myself, others and god/dess.

On June 6, 2016, my Venus, done with drifting and dreaming, blazed to life in hot-blooded “me first,” Aries. She is wild, abandoned, fiery-yet keenly aware of her impact on others. Blazing new trails, she gently kicks butt in sturdy Doc Martens embroidered with red roses. She is teaching me much about courage: the courage to go for what I want, to initiate new relationships and boldly deepen existing ones. I’ve invested in an edgy new Venus in Aries look-sexy and outspoken. I hunger for impassioned conversation, elegance, music that fires me up and has me dancing.

Where is your Venus now? Even if she’s not moving into a new sign, she’s always up to something. Isn’t it time that you checked in with her? Venus invites. Venus allures. Venus suggests that something even more beautiful than you could ever have imagined is on your personal horizon, whether in the form of a person, a place, an object or a sunrise. She’ll whisper her wisdom to you if only you ask.




Saturn Return: What Is It, Who Does It and When?

Born between November 17, 1977-September 20, 1980? You’re experiencing one of the most pivotal, life-changing astrological events of your life: the first Saturn return. When did it begin? September 3, 2007. It comes to a close on July 21, 2010.

Saturn is the planetary CEO. The Goal-Setter. The Timekeeper. At the time Saturn returns to the place and sign it was when you were born, it’s time to grow up–for real. The twenties are a vision quest, during which you make youthful mistakes and prepare to enter adulthood. In the later twenties, there is a sense of urgency. The need for direction. An awareness of responsibility, and the consequences of your actions.

The Saturn Return is a red-flag. It alerts you to the fact that you’ve matured beyond certain beliefs, attitudes and conditioning of family, culture and society . It’s a series of shocks: it heralds such life-altering events as marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, buying (or selling) a home, changing careers, leaving it all behind and traveling the world, developing a new philosophy.

How to optimize this experience? There is a certain ennui, or boredom, built in. A sense of stagnation. An urge to change things up in a way that reflects your entry into true adulthood. You must choose mountains to climb. Goals to reach. Worthy challenges to face. This requires faith and true grit. Meet these demands and Saturn helps you achieve them. What you achieve during this time lays the foundation of your life until the second Saturn return at approximately 57.

Fail the Saturn return and you fail yourself. I did this; I left my husband at 30 and began living the wild life I’d lived before in my 20’s. Before too long, it became obvious that my friends were settling down. Becoming adults. I was a big kid in a grownup’s body. It took a long time to get back on track–Saturn is the planet of karma. It will be patient for a long time, but then there is payback. On the heels of this realization, however, I began to devote myself to my astrology practice which, over 25 years, now thrives. If I had used my Saturn return time wisely, however, it would not have been such a long haul.

On October 31, 2009, those of you born from September 21, 1980-August 23, 1983 begin your Saturn return. It concludes on Oct 6, 2012. You’ll notice that yours overlaps with those a few years older than you. More about that later.