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Evolutionary Astrology Classes January & March in San Francisco, CA

Evolutionary Astrology offers another profound layer of information that is unique to this system. I offer what I know to you from direct study with Steven Forrest since 1998. I teach beginning and intermediate classes, which are 8 consecutive weeks in an intimate group of no more than 8 students. The work is experiential, practical and eye-opening. It can help you prepare you to be a professional Evolutionary Astrologer and will fine-tune what you know (or what you will learn) in order to attend a Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program http://www.gossamerrings.com California’s wine country, Calistoga, California.

Teleclasses are scheduled to begin on specific topics in late spring. Please stay tuned for more information.

Intermediate classes begin on Saturday, January 9th, 2010. One of my continuing students had to move right before class began (she had a final hit of Uranus to her IC or Nadir), so there’s room for one more person (is it you?). If you can’t make the first class and need to come in late–for example, by the second class–I will record the session for you so that you don’t lose any of the teaching.

Beginning classes start on Wednesday, March 17 from 6:30-9:00 PM for eight weekly meetings, ending on 5/5/10. You need no prior astrological knowledge, but it does help to come with curiosity and commitment.

Check my “Becoming an Astrologer” link at https://joycevanhornsf.com/becoming%20an%20astrologer.php for details on both courses as to when, where, and how much.

Please join us. Astrology is a growing career and Evolutionary Astrology is the cutting edge. Get on board now!

Making Jupiter Work for You

If I’m doing a reading for a client who knows even a little bit about astrology, they always perk up and grin when I talk about Jupiter. Jupiter is rather showy, and has gotten a reputation of being the “good luck” planet. “Oh, now I’ll finally get the job I want!” or “Guess I’ll just relax and let the good times flow,” are a couple of over-the-top Jupiterian comments I’ve heard.

It’s true-Jupiter brings the potential for the expansion of your horizons. Whatever area of life it is affecting can get better. Practically speaking, however, Jupiter first brings an awareness of what could be in contrast to what is. The gap between the two inspires a yearning to make things better. This is usually uncomfortable.

What to do? Jupiter never presents the impossible. It is the gateway to what is possible-it raises the bar. For example, if Jupiter is moving through the career sector of your life, if you don’t take action, you might get a compliment from your boss or more of a raise than you expected–but nothing earthshaking. Jupiter is standing by to deliver the goods, but you have to answer its ring. Laziness is the best way to sleep through a Jupiter time.

Here’s an example of how you can make Jupiter work for you: When I was 29 (during my first Saturn return), I walked into a radio station in Santa Barbara and applied for a job as a radio announcer. I had no real experience-I’d worked as a secretary at KSFX Radio in San Francisco and had been a volunteer announcer (reading magazine articles) at a closed circuit station for the blind. When I applied for the real announcing position, however, it was during a major Jupiter/career time. Jupiter was generously left the door to this particular opportunity unlocked. All I had to do was open it. I got the job on the spot because I’d had faith and taken action (even though it seemed impossible)–and was rewarded by Jupiter.

An astrology reading will pinpoint when, where and how Jupiter wants to help you get what you want. Expand your horizons with one soon and get lucky.

Freedom & Rules: Uranus vs. Saturn

Some rules still need to be observed as Saturn commands, “Toe the line!” Wild child Uranus deliberately smudges the line. Does this mean war? Not necessarily. Hate your boss but love your job? Breathe deep and stick your tongue out when they’re not looking. Need to get a move on but feeling sunk in obligatory quicksand? Step out of those old shoes. Saturn creates structure. Uranus is the wind of authenticity blowing up the outdated structure. Power struggles result because both energies boast their superiority.  Neither is; they need each other. What to do? Stand your ground but have soft knees so that you can bend. When you’re looking someone in the eye and know that you’re right, remember that they probably feel the same way.

Are you in your true authority or just rooted to the old way due to fear? Dare you make up new rules rather than throw dishes against the wall just to let it all out? How did you manage these same opposing energies in February of 2009? This is your chance to make a statement of authentic authority. Own it, live it, do it!

Wired for Weird: Uranus Retrograde in Pisces:

Wired for Weird: Uranus Retrograde in Pisces:

Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, rebellion and truth, is bolting backwards through the sign of Pisces the Mystic and Intuitive until December 1, 2009.

Just when you thought things were set in stone, the stone cracks. Sarah Palin resigns, stating that she’s done with politics–but is she really?

More threads of information unravel about Michael Jackson, but what is truth or fiction?

How does this affect you personally?

Chaos and abrupt change erupt as those dogs that you thought were sleeping awaken.
Unexpected events occur on all levels of life.
What’s taken for granted is vulnerable to internal and external shockwaves–everything from hidden relationship issues to finances (is your checkbook unwilling to balance?).

Truths that have been tucked away are outed and their energy unexpectedly released.

Pisces is the Illusionist.

What you believe to be gold turns out to be fool’s gold–and vice-versa.

Uranus retrograde in Pisces, is a flash of lightning, helping you see through the smoke and mirrors.

The magician is defrauded to reveal healthy truth.

Trust your intuition even when you have no concrete proof and you’ll land on your feet.

How to make the most of it:

Get real. Clean and clear things up before they blow up. deal with misunderstandings or confusion before they go out of control.

This isn’t to say that things will go as smoothly as silk, but they will have fewer wrinkles.

Honesty is an excellent policy in these months ahead. As Mark Twain said, “If you always tell the truth, then you have nothing to hide.”