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Reincarnation–Fact or Fiction?

Life force–does it really end? Physics has determined that energy cannot be created or destroyed–and everything and everyone is  comprised of energy. It seems inherently practical that we reincarnate after death. Nature demonstrates this principle in its cycles: new growth yields to blossom and/or fruit, which then seeds and appears to die, only to  be “reborn” the following spring. Why not human beings?

So what happens to the “you” that lived before? Your memories? Talents? Skills? Preferences? Intimate relationships? A real-deal psychic might be able to help you “remember” certain things. But much of what lingers is felt. Maybe you’ve visited a place for the first time but it’s strangely familiar. Or met someone with whom you’re immediately at ease with–maybe you were good friends in a prior lifetime. I know someone who is positive that she was drowned as a witch during the Salem witch trials http://www.kidzworld.com/article/2536-the-salem-witch-trials-of-1692 Another woman had a reoccurring dream for years about being surrounded by wolves in the wilderness with her daughter. They had no chance of escape. Her niece had the same reoccurring dream, but neither of them realized it for years. A client of mine was born with knowledge that only a monk of the highest order would have had access to…and a memory of how he had died in that lifetime.

In 1989, I visited the ruins of Chichen Itza http://www.chichenitza.com once a powerful Mayan city in Mexico’s Yucatan area. It was mostly deserted, and so we could wander about where we pleased. I sensed an energy about the place that was inexplicable but very alive. We made our way to the observatory, where the Mayan astronomers (who were also astrologers) viewed the skies. As we settled in, watching the morning sun rise, I knew with unfailing certainty that I had been one of those astronomers. I had been vacillating about whether or not to continue pursuing astrology as a full-time career, but there was no question about doing so after this experience.

Evolutionary Astrology examines the “unfinished business,” or karma, of a prior lifetime. While it can’t tell you who you were by name, zip code or specific date, it paints a vivid picture of the kind of person you were and the nature of your circumstances, how you continue to be impacted by this and, most importantly, how to evolve beyond it into the very best version of you in this lifetime. Call it whatever you wish, but it’s pretty cool stuff, and it works. Practical magic might be an appropriate term. And who doesn’t need some of that in their lives?

Free yourself from the past with an Evolutionary Astrology reading and get on with things that matter now.

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Evolutionary Astrology: What Makes It So Different?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I keep on doing that thing that I do?” Y’know, the scenarios that you find yourself in again and again? They’re different for each person, and they’re hard to stop repeating. Could be that you keep dating the same type of person who’s wrong for you. Or having trouble making up your mind (picture this: the kid in the ice cream store who is the last one to order because there are too many choices to pick from). Finding yourself in deadend jobs (or working for the reincarnation of Attila the Hun). It’s a knee-jerk reaction that is both familiar and unconscious and doesn’t help you grow. This can, of course, drive you into the welcoming arms of therapists or taking a pill to “fix” you, but that doesn’t always work.

Want to know why you continue to do trip over your own feet in a specific way? Enter Doc Cosmos, cheerfully toting his Evolutionary Astrology bag of tricks. Grinning hugely (which, initially, bugs the hell out of you), he opens his bag and announces, “I have just the prescription for you.” You roll your eyes; after all, you’ve heard that one before. But with a sleight of hand and a twinkle in his eye, the show begins. This time, it’s the real deal.

And it began before you were born. Yes, when you were someone else whose name you don’t remember, in a time you don’t recall, in a place you may never have visited in this lifetime. Through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, when you took your last breath, your soul consciousness, or emotional memory of that lifetime, broke free. It started looking around for a child getting ready to be born under optimum circumstances that would allow this soul consciousness to evolve. Otherwise, it could simply repeat the same old, same old (if you’ve ever had to repeat a class or stay back a grade, you know the feeling). But when it became one with that child (who is now you), it didn’t know anything more than what it had experienced in its last lifetime. So it started doing it by rote. The idea is, as you get a little older, a little wiser, you’re so frustrated by this habit, you’re ready to kick it.

I have a client I’ll call Tony, who, from the time he was 2,  knew things about Buddhism that were impossible for him to know without any training. He assumed complex yoga positions, spoke about Buddhist rituals, recognized objects sacred to revered monks. Tony could easily “trance out,” as Buddhist monks do while in deep meditation. As a person, Tony grew up to be charismatic, clever, kind, creative, socially adept, well-educated and successful. Many perceived him as golden, untouchable, throwing him up on a pedestal (a terrible place to be, because eventually you move a muscle and off you topple). He “showed” well, but hid a motherlode of pain and insecurity. Throughout his “ideal” life, he’d been taunted, envied and degraded. His well-meaning parents had taught him that, even when someone was being cruel, he should be nice in return. He didn’t allowed himself to get angry, disagree or stand up for himself.

We explored his past lifetime together through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, and here’s the story that emerged: He had been a revered monk, the apple in the eye of his community. People looked up to him as the embodiment of what was good and holy. Children of that era must have been told  to respect and honor him. Of course, he was denied “earthly pleasures.” But he had needs-a body and desires. He wanted to know pleasure. To eat foods that he denied himself. To taste wine. To touch a woman and experience the sweet release of orgasm. These were forbidden to him by both position and religion.

But, being human, he couldn’t withstand these temptations. Surreptitiously, he sought out these “guilty” pleasures. Tony has a memory of being caught by righteous authority, incarcerated and sentenced to death. Unable to face the ridicule and shame of his public execution, he went into deep meditation  before he was to be hanged-and, the following morning, he was found dead. He had meditated himself right out of his body.

In this lifetime, Tony experienced a multitude of undiagnosable physical ailments. Certain foods that tasted good gave him severe abdominal cramping and swelling. He underwent endless, sometimes excrutiating tests to see what ailed him. His diet became very restricted, his body enemy territory. Shame and guilt from this past lifetime haunted him. In our series of meetings, Tony apologized endlessly for nothing that I felt needed an apology. These very emotions left him prey to people who would happily take advantage of his low self-esteem.

As a result of our astrological work together, he found a therapist open to reincarnation. She referred him to a bodyworker who helped him release some of the deep-seated emotions trapped in his body. This was several years ago, and Tony’s life has undergone a 360. He’s since married a wonderful woman and is about to become a father. His stomach and digestion problems are virtually non-existent. He eats pretty much anything he wants to without a subsequent physical battle.

Evolutionary Astrology helps you understand where you’ve been-and how to not be held hostage by the riptide of the past.  It gives you specific “driving instructions” on how to move forward, breaking free from limiting beliefs and habits.  It helps you “get on with things” and to be as alive, vital and authentic as you can be.

This astrological approach has helped more people than I can begin to name or number. It informs, it transforms, it heals. It is the medicine of the planets, and the planets love us. Ready for a breakthrough? To realize your potential? Maybe you just might want to give it a try.

With passion and in peace,