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Saturn in Capricorn: Proving Yourself to Yourself

qtq80 LhkF2N 150x150 - Saturn in Capricorn: Proving Yourself to YourselfYou’re sitting at the foot of a mountain. At your side, wiry and steady, sits Saturn the Timekeeper. He is neatly folding up the gypsy garb of Sagittarius the Philosopher, preparing to don Capricorn’s commanding robes on12/30/2017.

“I have 3 questions for you.” His voice is quiet thunder. “One: How have you proved yourself to yourself this year?” Two: What new beliefs can you can commit to and live by as a result?” Three: “Are you ready to climb this mountain?”

The mountain, defined by stark shadows and hungry light, is tattooed by the fall and rise of twisting paths. Dense clouds bodyguard its peak. Twin jolts of emotional lightning strike you simultaneously-excitement and fear.

Say “yes,” to the journey, and you earn self-respect, dignity and wisdom. Carry with you the tools of determination, focus and faith. Follow your heart’s unerring compass-it cannot fail you. If you choose to remain at the base of the mountain, emotional arthritis might set in.

Now it’s time. Standing, you strap on your backpack. It is sturdy and well equipped. In parting, Saturn presses a small bottle into your hand. It cannot be shattered, nor will it run dry. It is filled with the elixir of courage.

You take your first step. Beneath your feet, the mountain trembles, a growl of welcome. There is no turning back. Nor would you want to.

Eagle-eyed Saturn watches you ascend. He knows that you will succeed. As do I.

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Where is Home, Sweet Home? Relocational Astrology

I had such an amazing time in Zihuatanejo, Mexico  (sister to Ixtapa, a tourist city built by the Mexican government)–and got so charged up by its simple values, love of  the land, sense of abundance–that I decided to pretend that I’d been born there and see how that changed my natal birthchart. This is done by “relocating” where you were born and seeing what planetary energies were dominant. The result was fascinating!

If I’d come bouncing into the world just one hour earlier (I was born in Alexandria, VA at 12:30 PM EST), as would have been the case if I’d been born in Zihuatanejo, I’d be a different me with certain abilities emphasized and a radically different way of presenting myself  and/or relating (the rising sign or ascendant).

Instead of having a chameleon-like Pisces rising, I’d have a rebellious, “I am born to be weird & like it and who cares what you think?” Aquarius rising. In Zihuatanejo, the 10th house of career goes full-tilt-boogie with both the Sun (self-image) and Mercury (voice)  in adventurous, philosophical Sagittarius. I could be destined for glory there, right?

…but it might help if I first achieved fluency in Spanish. This would optimize relocated Juptiter (possibilities, faith and expansion) in my 3rd house (communication, ideas, language).  While visiting, I wrote endlessly in my journal (3rd house) and had lengthy, meaningful conversations (Jupiter). The locals were curious (3rd house) and generous (Jupiter) despite my broken Spanish, encouraging me (Jupiter) to continue my studies.

A Plutonian influence energetically dominates me in San Francisco, my home for 25+ years. Pluto has brought me to my knees more than once–but I inevitably learn by default or choice.  Superficiality fails itself and truth triumphs…but it’s not easy. If I am unfailingly honest, both to myself and others, Pluto takes me unapologetically to higher realms. As a result, I am empowered.

How about you? What’s your story? Do you feel “at home?” Or are you longing to put down roots? If so, give me a shout. We can demystify and clarify…and help you find “home.” It might be right around the corner…or halfway across the world. And everyone, sometime, needs to feel as if they’ve landed…as if they’ve arrived home.