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Good times to file your taxes: Moon-void-of-course

It’s tax time. When you’re expecting a refund, that’s a good thing. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have to itemize expenses and pay taxes. And you don’t want to catch the eye of the IRS.

Even if you’re scrupulously honest, audits do happen. Here is a very practical astrological suggestion that can help you stay under the radar when you pay your taxes this April.

What is it? The Moon is Void-of-Course. In plain English, please? The astrological Moon is the background “mood” of our lives. As it cycles the earth, it makes a series of energetic connections with the planets in our solar system. For example, if it’s flirting with Venus (the planet of relationships), you may be more inclined to tell someone how much you care. When being stimulated by Mercury, you’re in the mood to have interesting conversations.

When the Moon is not making any energetic connections to any other heavenly body, there is no specific “mood.” If you use a CPA who files your taxes, let him or her do so whenever they please. What’s critical is when you pay taxes. During a Moon Void-of-Course, there is no particular “vibe” to it that action which could potentially attract the attention of a tax auditor. While this isn’t a 100% guarantee, consider it an additional safety measure.

Following are the times when the Moon is void-of-course (based on Pacific Daylight Time). Just pop your check in the mail or send it off electronically. Times outside of these windows are active.

Wednesday, 4/7: 4:18AM-8:51 AM PDT

Monday, 4/12: 8:51 AM-9:31 AM PDT

Wednesday, 4/14 3:23PM-6:55 PM PDT

My personal favorite is Wednesday, 4/14 because there it is the day of the New Moon–new beginnings. As you walk to your local mailbox and drop your return in, enjoy the peace that comes with a little extra insurance. Then go have that glass of wine and relax. You’ve done the very best that you can do. And if you never hear from the IRS, it just might be because you decided to try out this practical piece of astrological information.

To your wealth and health,


Mercury Retrograde: What’s to Love?

Here it is again…like taxes and death–Mercury goes retrograde. Everyone groans and shudders in horror, hoping that flights aren’t canceled or delayed,  that their computer doesn’t have a breakdown or there won’t be a communication glitch with their sweetheart or co-worker. Mercury sure does get a bad rap when it takes a powder from business-as-usual.

But whether you like it or not, it goes retro 3 times a year, 3 weeks at a time. And when the cosmic traffic cop isn’t doing his normal job directing the flow of information, he’s chillin’. We should be, too.

During Mercury retrograde it’s time to slow down. To rethink, revise, reinvent, and recreate. Off-duty Mercury is a reminder to stop initiating and begin looking backwards at what we’ve already accomplished. Refine and redefine. Relax. I figure Mercury must be French, because it’s a requirement in that country to take time off.  Once it goes direct, it’s back in action, and you can “direct” your actions by initiating what you’ve been reflecting on during the retrograde phase: buy that new car or computer, have that important talk, sign the contract. If you’ve done your retrograde work, this can be a very rich and rewarding time.

If you want to know how Mercury retrograde can help you, get in touch and make an date for an Evolutionary Astrology reading. Meanwhile, following are the retro dates for 2010.

Mercury retrograde times for the rest of 2010:

8/20 (at 19 degrees Virgo, 4 minutes-9/12 (at 5 degrees Virgo 22 minutes)

12/10 (at 5 degrees Capricorn, 56 minutes)-12/29/10 (19 degrees Sagittarius 37 minutes)