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Nobody’s Right if Everybody’s Wrong:Saturn-Uranus

During the current Saturn-Uranus opposition, it feels as if you’ve been drafted against your will into a  tug-of-war that is virtually unwinnable. You step on someone’s toes. The other person reacts. She’s certain that you’re wrong and you’re certain that you’re right. Tension builds. So do irritations and accusations. You stall out, not having made any progress. But that can change!

Saturn is the conservative planet of tried-and-true. It’s been there, done that. It asks,“why change if the old ways work?” Rebellious Uranus sarcastically rejoinders, ” If change didn’t happen, we might still be living in caves and eating wooly mammoths for dinner.” These two planets aren’t at war, but as they oppose one another, extreme tension occurs. Yet compromise is possible.

If you’re feeling frustrated or rebellious now, try to meet the problem or person half-way. It’s likely that there’s something you can learn from one another. Perhaps, as you work the tension, it becomes creative, thus co-creating the most positive outcome possible.

Build higher ceilings of consciousness upon the strong bones of the past that will hold their weight. Notice how they illuminate each other. Engage in this time with curiosity and a willingness to listen. Work together in interesting ways. This will be far more rewarding than to make each other wrong.