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Freedom & Rules: Uranus vs. Saturn

Some rules still need to be observed as Saturn commands, “Toe the line!” Wild child Uranus deliberately smudges the line. Does this mean war? Not necessarily. Hate your boss but love your job? Breathe deep and stick your tongue out when they’re not looking. Need to get a move on but feeling sunk in obligatory quicksand? Step out of those old shoes. Saturn creates structure. Uranus is the wind of authenticity blowing up the outdated structure. Power struggles result because both energies boast their superiority.  Neither is; they need each other. What to do? Stand your ground but have soft knees so that you can bend. When you’re looking someone in the eye and know that you’re right, remember that they probably feel the same way.

Are you in your true authority or just rooted to the old way due to fear? Dare you make up new rules rather than throw dishes against the wall just to let it all out? How did you manage these same opposing energies in February of 2009? This is your chance to make a statement of authentic authority. Own it, live it, do it!